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Ready for Mobile, tablets and desktops, at all resolutions Trinity is loaded with features, coolness, new stuff, cool stuff that will impress your visitor and keep them engaged with your website.

15 years of building templates, and we?re still able to add cool new stuff

Checkout the cool new stuff video


Key Features

Here?s a short list of our favorites features, including Morphing, Changing, Animating, Fading text

Check out all the features and options included with your package.

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Best in Class Documentation

Text documentation with screenshots is helpful (for those that like to read) and we provide just such information, but we like to take it a step further and provide video walkthroughs and demonstrations for those who find ?video? a much more user friendly experience.

Your Top 12 Features!

Fully Responsive

Video Tutorials

Multiple Sliders

HTML5 CSS3 jQuery

Bootstrap 3+

Google Font Loader

CSS Speed Loader

Multiple Layouts

Licensed Images

Human Support

Blog Layouts

PayPal Catalog

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Best in Class Support

Direct contact with the designers and developers! Not just a support forum, but direct contact with the folks who designed your template.

Mobile Design

Not just ready for mobile, but designed for mobile phones and tablets.

Trinity is fully responsive, ready for mobile phones, tablets and desktops of any resolution.


Trinity is fully responsive and will scale itself to any mobile or tablet device.


Your website will respond and adapt to various devices and screen resolutions.

FREE Services

Sometimes you just need a little 'help' to get things just right!

And that little help won't cost you a things!

Don?t miss out on these awesome FREE Services!

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Custom Services

Site setup and content transfer. Websites made easy!

We'll do the grunt work, you take the credit.


Site Setup

You can hire us to set up your site with your company name, replace / update the images setup the navigation menus and corresponding blank pages.


Content Transfer

You can hire us to copy the content from your old site into your new template's pages. Call us toll free at 1-866-943-5733 or contact us through our website,  we'll discuss the details and provide a quote.

Web Packages

Our templates are available in three different price packages.

Basic Package, Standard Package and Pro Package.

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Pro Package

All the pages, all the components all the bells and whistles included in one package. Pick and choose what pages and components to use, mix and match or use 'em all! Totaly up to you, but you'll definately have more options.

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Standard Package

Just what you need to get up and running. The Standard package is a pre-designed website you can use to start building your own. Pages and layouts .

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Basic Package

Just what you need to get started, and index (home) page, and a few column layouts which you can use to create more pages with and build up your own website.

Customer Testimonials

Customers do our best marketing, and here?s why...

Customers say the nicest things!.